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Magnum provides superior customer service and fulfillment for our customers. Their representatives have an excellent knowledge of our products and are always willing to help resolve any issues that might occur. Our business would not be nearly as successful if we were not using the services provided by Magnum.

Steve Priest

United Kingdom

Magnum understand the regulation and sensitivity in this highly specialised area and communicate this to our management team. Overall a highly successful project.

Dieter Frank

United Kingdom

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AirBridgeCargo retaining flights at Liège

11/24/2017 11:13:32 AM

Despite regaining its lost Amsterdam slots, ABC will continue to operate out of the Belgian freighter-specialist airport due to customer demand

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Box line consolidation failing to deliver expected rate stability

11/24/2017 12:44:31 PM

Spot freight prices could keep falling through to CNY, but cost savings generated by mergers could still deliver improved profits for carriers, says analyst

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Roland Bosch appointed new CEO of DB Cargo

11/24/2017 1:05:45 PM

Currently a director at Germany’s national rail network provider DB Netz, he has studied and worked internationally, joining Deutsche Bahn from DaimlerChrysler

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French authorities seek national port strategy to improve competitiveness

11/24/2017 12:49:00 PM

Country needs world-class ports to further develop the maritime sector and create more jobs for the economy, says prime minister Édouard Philippe

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